Glencoe Physics: Principles And Problems © 2009

Physics: Principles and Problems offers integrated support, abundant opportunities for problem solving, and a variety of realistic applications. The program has a balance of good conceptual presentation with a strong problem-solving strand. The program resources are organized in a way that saves you preparation time and allows you to meet the needs of students in your diverse classroom.

About the Program

Features include:

  • More problems - Supplemental Problems, Challenge Problems, Pre-AP/Critical Thinking Problems and practice for end-of-course exams
  • Better math support with unique Example Problems that offer "coaching notes" to aid comprehension
  • Teacher-tested lab options

Program Components

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Additional Details & Resources

Research Base

  • Research Base for Chemistry and Physics
    This article shows how Glencoe's Physics program was designed from the National Science Education Standards, which include the following four tenants: Science is for all students; Learning science is an active process; School science reflects the intellectual and cultural traditions that characterize the practice of contemporary science; and, Improving science education is part of systemic education reform. References of the research base can be viewed at the end of the document.

Randomized Controlled Studies

  • Efficacy Study of Glencoe Chemistry and Physics
    This report describes 13 schools in seven districts that have been successful in teaching chemistry and physics concepts, as evidenced by student performance and attitude, feedback from students and parents, and responses from teachers. These results demonstrate the benefits of effective chemistry and physics curricula programs, as well as successful teaching practices.