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Overview of Literacy is for Life

Learn about the "7 Rs" -- the seven literacy curriculum attributes schools need to improve literacy instruction, boost student outcomes, and prepare students for college and careers.

"My hope for Texas students is that they will come to see themselves as able to make sense of even difficult texts—that their reading determination and perseverance can be keys to their academic success."

Dr. Timothy Shanahan

Literacy Webinars

In these on-demand webinars, you'll have the chance to hear from industry leaders about topics important to Texas educators.

Aligning Instruction with the Revised TEKS for ELAR

Vicki Gibson, Educational Consultant and Trainer | Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates

Administrators and teachers need an efficient tool that identifies the changes in expectations for instruction, student practice, and assessment, to ensure classroom practices align with year-end outcomes reflected in the TEKS.

Engaging Critical Media Literacy Lessons in the Middle School Classroom

Gwynee Ash, Professor | Texas State University

This session helps teachers draw on media headlines as a means of reinforcing standards-based critical literacy skills, in response to ideas and texts shared on social media.

Equity of Access for Students Who Need It Most

Jana Echevarria, Professor Emerita | California State University, Long Beach

Dr. Echevarria discusses how English learners are provided effective means for accessing the core curriculum, as well as accelerating their language development and literacy skills.

Best Instructional Practices in a Balanced Approach to Instruction

Kathy Bumgardner, Founder and Lead Literacy Consultant | Strategies Unlimited, Inc.

Kathy Bumgardner talks about classrooms today and how we can continue to support our students.

Making RTI Work for Kids and Teachers in Texas

Jan Hasbrouck Educational Consultant and Trainer | Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates

Dr. Hasbrouck discusses how RTI can be an effective framework to help EVERY student succeed K–12, data from the right assessments can help us make the best instructional decisions that make a difference, and a specific, outcomes-based model to systematically organize data will be shared.

Rigorous Reading for Texas Students

Douglas Fisher, Professor of Educational Leadership | San Diego State University

Dr. Doug Fisher talks about Rigorous Reading for Texas.

Foldables, Learning Styles, and Multisensory Strategies

Dinah Zike Educational Author and Consultant President and Founder of | Dinah Zike Academy, Professional Development Facility

Foldables, Learning Styles, and Multisensory Strategies

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