Past McGraw Hill Adoptions for Texas

CTE and Special Topics

Career and Technical Education

From Proclamation 2017

  • Glencoe Accounting
  • The Developing Child
  • Food, Nutrition and Wellness

The titles above have been state approved. We have additional off-list CTE titles available.

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K–8 Math

From Proclamation 2014

Designed to meet 100% of the TEKS, every aspect of Texas Math – from the interactive textbooks to the cutting edge digital resources – creates a perfect climate for higher student achievement.

Real world connections, graphic novels, and highlights of cool careers open student’s eyes and minds to the relevance of math, while virtual manipulatives, animations, videos, and hands-on labs get students up close and personal with what they’re learning.

Fine Arts

Music Studio

From Proclamation 2015

Music Studio is a platform that delivers interactivity and unforgettable content to meet the needs of the 21st century music educator.

  • Spotlight on Music (PreK–8) The program that brings you the quality, quantity, and variety of material you need has been reimagined, and is delivering more than ever before for music educators.
  • Music! Its Role and Importance in Our Lives (9–12) takes you and your students on an inspired journey through history to meet some of the most influential musicians and their unforgettable masterpieces.
  • Voices in Concert (6–12 Choral) Paired Literature and Sight-Singing courses make Voices in Concert stand out. Build skills and give moving performances with material from some of the most well-loved authors working today.


6–8 Science

From Proclamation 2014

Prepare minds for next level learning and help develop comprehensive understanding of scientific concepts with the engaging, rigorous science solution designed to meet 100% of the TEKS and set a new standard in student success.

Pique student curiosity with interactive, hands-on activities. Provoke student inquiry with insightful scaffolded questions. Promote active learning with collaborative discussions. Take the integrated approach to teaching middle school science and balance every element of your classroom with Texas iScience.

Social Studies

6–12 Social Studies

From Proclamation 2015

The right mix of print and digital resources in McGraw Hill Networks™ will meet you where you are in your classroom today and into the future, ensuring you have a wide range of flexible options for instruction.

  • Built to the TEKS to ensure comprehensive coverage
  • Engages students with interactive resources, compelling stories, and connections to today
  • Includes rigorous, differentiated instruction for every learning style
  • Effectively manage and organize your instruction

World Languages


From Proclamation 2017

Culturally engaging experiences immerse students in the exciting diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. Language learning that builds student confidence equips them to be global citizens!

  • Experience the diversity, beauty, and richness of the Spanish-speaking world
  • Empower interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communication skill development
  • Equip every student using the right mix of structure, vocabulary, and authentic resources
  • Engage students in class and beyond with resources designed to inspire every learner
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive online tools streamline planning and allow you to personalize instruction

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