Oklahoma Networks:
A 6–12 Social Studies Curriculum

Overview of Oklahoma Networks

Oklahoma Networks is a dynamic student-centered program that aligns to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Social Studies and prepares learners for success in college, careers, and civic life.

  • Rigorous, age-appropriate content highlights diverse perspectives, integrates primary sources, and makes relevant connections to bring the subject area to life.
  • Inquiry activities ignite curiosity and facilitate critical thinking, teaching students how to analyze sources, cite evidence, and take informed action.
  • Customizable lesson plans and classroom management tools save time, while point-of-use differentiation strategies and authentic ELL support meet every student where they are.

With Oklahoma Networks, stimulate collaboration, problem solving, debate, action, and draw connections to today. By demonstrating relevancy, students realize they have the power to shape the world around them.

Components for Oklahoma Networks

U.S. History

Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States Early Years, Oklahoma Edition

United States History & Geography Modern Times, Oklahoma Edition

World History

World History and Geography, Oklahoma Edition

World Geography

Discovering World Geography Western Hemisphere, Oklahoma Edition

Discovering World Geography Eastern Hemisphere, Oklahoma Edition

Geography: The Human and Physical World


United States Government: Our Democracy, Oklahoma Edition


Understanding Economics