How We Can Help You...

Rely on McGraw Hill to provide engaging, rigorous, effective programs that capture the vision of your state standards. Our authors, editors, and educational consultants are carefully studying the NGSS.

If your state science requirements change in order to align with the Next Generation Science Standards, McGraw Hill will partner with you to help you successfully make that transition.

A variety of tools and support materials will be available to help you meet your needs and ensure a smooth and effective transition.

Professional Development

Professional development opportunities will be available that are geared to help teachers learn about the new standards and how to implement them successfully in their classrooms.

Instruction & Planning

Correlations are available to show how McGraw Hill programs address the Next Generation Science Standards, including the implementation of the cross cutting concepts and engineering/ design practices.

Teacher resources are being developed that demonstrate how to coordinate the content and resources in your McGraw Hill science programs to fully meet the expectations of the NGSS.