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From cellular structure, blood typing to checking blood pressure and checking vital signs, state-of-the-art simulations bring reality to your fingertips.

Featured Simulations for Pharmacology

Natural Selection: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria , Link will open in a new tab

In this simulation, you will create two bacterial strains: one resistant to streptomycin and one sensitive to streptomycin.

Medication Administration: Administering an Intradermal Injection , Link will open in a new tab

In this simulation you will follow the rights of medication administration for an ID injection, learn how to prepare and administer an ID injection, and practice preparing and administering ID injections.

Safety and Infection Control: Hand Hygiene , Link will open in a new tab

In this simulation you will learn and demonstrate the specific order and timing of required steps that are important for effective hand hygiene as approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

See the growing list of Pharmacology simulations here:

  • 1st Lab - Virtual Labs Tutorial 
  • Adaptive Immunity - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • Blood Pressure - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • Cardiac Cycle - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive  
  • Endocrine System - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • Endocrine System - Effects of Blood Glucose Level 
  • Endocrine System - Influence of Thyroid Hormone on Temperature Regulation 
  • How Enzymes Function - Effect of Concentration  
  • How Enzymes Function - Effect of pH 
  • How Enzymes Function - Effect of Temperature 
  • How Enzymes Function - Enzyme Activity 
  • Human Genetics - Chromosomal Inheritance During Meiosis  
  • Human Genetics - Genetic Inheritance 
  • Innate Immunity - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • Medication Administration - Administering an Intradermal Injection (New) 
  • Medication Administration - Administering an Intramuscular Injection (New)  
  • Medication Administration - Administering a Subcutaneous Injection (New) 
  • Natural Selection - Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria
  • Nervous System - Demonstrate Monosynaptic Reflexes 
  • Neuron Physiology - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • Passive and Active Process of Membrane Transport - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • pH Balance - Antacids as Buffers 
  • pH Balance - Function of Buffers 
  • Respiratory System - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • Respiratory System - Mechanism of Breathing 
  • Safety and Infection Control - Hand Hygiene (New) 
  • Safety and Infection Control - Practicing Body Mechanics (New) 
  • Safety and Infection Control - Using and Removing Gloves (New) 
  • Safety and Infection Control - Using Personal Protective Equipment (New) 
  • Skeletal Muscle - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • Specimen Collection - Collecting a Clean-Catch Midstream Urine Specimen (New) 
  • Specimen Collection - Performing a Nasopharyngeal Swab (New) 
  • Specimen Collection - Performing a Venipuncture using an Evacuated System (New) 
  • Specimen Collection - Performing Capillary Puncture (New) 
  • Urinary Glomerular Filtration - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive 
  • Urinary Tubular Reabsorption and Secretion - Concept Overview Physiology Interactive