Reading and Study Skills 10 9780073533315 By focusing on a wide range of reading and study skills required in the academic world, Reading and Study Skills gives instructors the flexibility to address student needs that might otherwise require several texts. The highly versatile organization divides topics into focused, self-contained modules that can be covered in any order resulting in a text that can be adapted to fit any teaching or learning situation. From its step-by-step, comprehensive coverage of the essential reading and study skills, to its practical, sensible style and tone, this text encourages and motivates students to get the most out of their reading and shows them how to master key study skills in order to have rewarding college experiences.
Reading and Study Skills

Reading and Study Skills

10th Edition
By John Langan
ISBN10: 0073533319
ISBN13: 9780073533315
Copyright: 2013

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Program Details

Part One: Motivational Skills ••• Preview •••

Your Attitude: The Heart of the Matter •••

Setting Goals for Yourself •••

Learning Survival Strategies •••

Part Two: Study Skills ••• Preview •••

Taking Classroom Notes •••

Time Control and Concentration •••

Textbook Study I: The PRWR Study Method •••

Textbook Study II: Using PRWR •••

Textbook Study III: Applying PRWR to a Textbook Chapter •••

Building a Powerful Memory •••

Taking Objective Exams •••

Taking Essay Exams •••

Using Research Skills •••

Part Three: A Brief Guide to Important Word Skills ••• Preview •••

Using the Dictionary •••

Understanding Word Parts •••

Vocabulary Development •••

Part Four: Reading Comprehension Skills ••• Preview •••

Introduction •••

Ten Key Skills •••

Comprehension and Rapid Reading •••

Skill 1: Recognizing Definitions and Examples •••

Skill 2: Recognizing Enumerations •••

Skill 3: Recognizing Headings and Subheadings •••

Skill 4: Recognizing Signal Words •••

Skill 5: Recognizing Main Ideas in Paragraphs and Short Selections •••

Skill 6: Knowing How to Outline •••

Skill 7: Knowing How to Summarize •••

Skill 8: Understanding Graphs and Tables •••

Skill 9: Making Inferences •••

Skill 10: Thinking Critically •••

Part Five: Skim Reading and Comprehension ••• Preview ••• Introduction •••

How to Skim-Read •••

Selection 1: Visual Assertion •••

Selection 2: Science and the Search for Truth •••

Selection 3: The Nature of Power •••

Selection 4: Defense Mechanisms •••

Selection 5: Fatigue •••

Skim-Reading Progress Chart •••

Questions on the Skim-Reading Selections •••

Part Six: Rapid Reading and Comprehension ••• Preview •••

Introduction •••

Selection 1: From The Autobiography of Malcolm X •••

Selection 2: Learning to Keep Your Cool during Tests •••

Selection 3: Wired for Touch •••

Selection 4: The Scholarship Jacket •••

Selection 5: Dare to Think Big •••

Selection 6: Winning the Job Interview Game •••

Selection 7: A Door Swings Open •••

Selection 8: From Nonreading to Reading •••

Selection 9: The Certainty of Fear •••

Selection 10: What You Need to Know to Succeed at Math •••

Rapid Reading Progress Chart •••

Reading Rate Table •••

Part Seven: Mastery Tests ••• Preview •••

Motivational Skills •••

Taking Classroom Notes •••

Time Control and Concentration •••

Textbook Study I •••

Textbook Study II •••

Textbook Study III •••

Building a Powerful Memory •••

Taking Objective Exams •••

Taking Essay Exams •••

Taking Objective and Essay Exams •••

Using Research Skills •••

Using the Dictionary •••

Understanding Word Parts •••

Vocabulary Development •••

Definitions and Examples •••

Enumerations •••

Headings and Subheadings •••

Signal Words •••

Main Idea •••

Outlining •••

Summarizing •••

Understanding Graphs and Tables •••

Making Inferences •••

Thinking Critically •••

Skim Reading •••

Rapid Reading Passage •••

Part Eight: Additional Learning Skills ••• Preview ••• Studying Mathematics and Science •••

Reading Literature and Making Inferences •••

Reading for Pleasure: A List of Interesting Books •••

Writing Effectively •••

Acknowledgments •••

Index •••