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The Practical Skeptic: Readings in Sociology
The Practical Skeptic: Readings in Sociology

The Practical Skeptic: Readings in Sociology, 6th Edition

ISBN10: 0078026881 | ISBN13: 9780078026881
By Lisa McIntyre
© 2014

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* The estimated amount of time this product will be on the market is based on a number of factors, including faculty input to instructional design and the prior revision cycle and updates to academic research-which typically results in a revision cycle ranging from every two to four years for this product. Pricing subject to change at any time.

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The Practical Skeptic: Readings in Sociology includes classic sociological research writings as well as recent pieces on fascinating topics of interest to students. It is the ideal companion to McIntyre's text, The Practical Skeptic: Core Concepts in Sociology, or other sociology texts. Readings in this edition challenge students to re-evaluate familiar social arenas: the college classroom, televised sports shows, restaurants, doctors' offices and even public restrooms. The readings focus around the essential message that there is much that goes on in the social world that escapes the sociologically untrained eye.

* indicates reading new to this edition.

Part I. The Social Imagination

1. C. Wright Mills, The Promise

2. Stephanie Coontz, How History and Sociology Can Help Today's Families

3. Lisa J. McIntyre, Hernando Washington

Part II. The Research Craft

4. Stephanie Sanford and Donna Eder, Adolescent Humor During Peer Interaction

*5. Charles A. Gallagher, Miscounting Race: Explaining Whites' Misperceptions of Racial Group Size

6. Lisa J. McIntyre, Doing the Right Thing: Ethics in Social Research

7. Philip Meyer, If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, Would You? Probably

Part III. Culture

8. Clyde Kluckhohn, Queer Customs

9. Horace Miner, Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

10. Cheryl Laz, Act Your Age

11. Elijah Anderson, The Code of the Streets

*12. Beth A. Quinn, The Power and Meaning of "Girl Watching"

*13. David Grazian, The Girl Hunt: Urban Nightlife and the Performance of Masculinity

Part IV. Social Structure

14. Erving Goffman, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

15. Philip G. Zimbardo, The Pathology of Imprisonment

16. Philip G. Zimbardo, The Pathology of Imprisonment

17. Greta Feoff Paules, "Getting" and "Making" a Tip

18. Natalie Adams and Pamela Bettis, Commanding the Room in Short Skirts: Cheering as the Embodiment of Ideal Girlhood

19. Harvey Molotch, The Rest Room and Equal Opportunity

Part V. Social Institutions and Socialization

*20. Frederic W. Hafferty, "Cadaver Stories and the Emotional Socialization of Medical Students

21. Gwynne Dyer, Anybody's Son Will Do

22. Thomas J. Schmid and Richard S. Jones, Suspended Identity: Identity Transformation in a Maximum Security Prison

23. Lynn Zimmer, How Women Reshape the Prison Guard Role

24. Patti A. Giuffre and Christine L. Williams, Not Just Bodies: Strategies for Desexualizing the Physical Examination of Patients

Part VI. Deviance and Social Control

25. Emile Durkheim, The Normality of Crime

26. William J. Chambliss, The Saints and the Roughnecks

27. D. L. Rosenhan, On Being Sane in Insane Places

*28. Steven H. Lopez, Randy Hodson, and Vincent J. Roscigno, Power, Status, and Abuse At Work: General and Sexual Harassment

29. Emily E. LaBeff, Robert E. Clark, Valerie J. Haines, and George M. Dickhoff, Situational Ethics and College Student Cheating

30. Michael L. Benson, Denying the Guilty Mind: Accounting for Involvement in White-Collar Crime

Part VII. Inequality

31. James Loewan, The Land of Opportunity

32. Barbara Ehrenreich, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

33. Katherine Newman and Chauncy Lennon, The Job Ghetto

34. Joe R. Feagn, Racism

35. Roxanna Harlow, "Race Doesn't Matter, but..." The Effect of Race on College Professors' Experiences and Emotion Management in the Undergraduate College Classroom

36. Robin D. G. Kelley, Confessions of a Nice Negro or Why I Shaved My Head

37. Yin Ling Leung, The Model Minority Myth: Asian Americans Confront Growing Backlash

38. Adriane Fugh-Berman, M.D, Tales Out of Medical School

39. Randall Collins, The Sociological Eye and Its Blinders

About the Author

Lisa McIntyre

Lisa J. McIntyre is associate professor in sociology at Washington State University. She received the PhD in sociology from The University of Chicago. She is the author of three books including The Public Defender: The Practice of Law in the Shadows of Repute; Law in the Sociological Enterprise and The Practical Skeptic: Core Concepts in Sociology and the editor of The Practical Skeptic: Readings in Sociology. With Marvin Sussman, McIntyre edited Families and Law. An enthusiastic teacher and popular lecturer, McIntyre is a winner of Washington State University’s William F. Mullen Teaching Medal and numerous departmental teaching awards. Her central research focus is on how law and social behavior interact.

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