How to Do Everything with Windows Vista
Table of Contents

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Part I. Get to Know Windows Vista

CH1: Explore the Vista Desktop

CH2: Manage Your Computer with Control Panel

CH3: Personalize Your Computer

CH4: Manage Components, Programs, Folders, and Files

CH5: Use the Accessories That Come with Windows

CH6: Manage Hardware

CH7: Use Printers, Scanners, and Digital Cameras

Part II. Get Connected

CH8: Create Connections to the Internet

CH9: Surf the Internet

CH10: Run Windows Mail

CH11: Create a Home Network

CH12: Manage Users and Groups

CH13: Windows Vista Security and Remote Connections

Part III. Cool Things You Can Do with Windows Vista

CH14. Play Games

CH15. Use Windows Media Player

CH16. Create Movies with Windows Movie Maker

CH17: Manage Digital Photos and Use Windows Sideshow

CH18: Take Care of Windows Vista

PART IV. Optimize, Troubleshoot and Fix Windows Vista

CH19: Manage Disks

CH20: Solving Problems with Windows Vista

Appendix A: Installing Windows Vista