McGraw Hill Offers Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is a purchase model designed to meet the unique needs of the Higher Education community.

The Inclusive Access purchase model was created by higher education institutions and is supported by a U.S. Department of Education regulation allowing institutions of higher learning to participate in it.

Inclusive Access offers the lowest-price option for students.

Inclusive Access pricing is established by an agreement between the institution, bookstore, and McGraw-Hill. We make sure our net Inclusive Access pricing is the lowest price option for the format adopted by the faculty for their specific course. We provides full transparency to institutions and bookstores with our Inclusive Access agreements and we don't include quotas or percentages of student participation.

Inclusive Access provides first-day-of-class access to course materials for all students.

Studies have shown that first-day-of-class access can lead to better student performance, especially among those who are underprepared or rely on financial aid. Inclusive Access helps by giving students access to their materials without the burden of waiting for financial aid.

Inclusive Access fully supports instructor academic freedom.

Instructors make the decision about whether to offer Inclusive Access for their courses. We will continue to offer multiple purchase options for our products, in both print and digital formats, with clear and transparent pricing. The discount available with Inclusive Access is not contingent on whether students are using McGraw-Hill materials for other courses. Instructors retain full control and have the freedom to choose what works best for them and their students.

Inclusive Access supports students' rights to choose.

All of our Inclusive Access agreements include an "opt-out" option as required by DOE regulations. Students have the freedom to choose whatever purchase option they feel works best for them. Our institution and bookstore partners treat this "opt-out" option very seriously, and McGraw-Hill places no restrictions on how this is communicated to students by the institution or bookstore. In many cases, we assist with recommended practices shared by other institutions.

Inclusive Access improves ease of access to course materials.

Inclusive Access allows administrators, instructors, bookstores, and McGraw-Hill to improve access to affordable, high-quality, digital course materials, without access codes. By providing course material directly through the institution’s LMS, student engagement and outcomes can improve using the program. We also offer a low-cost, print textbook for students who prefer it.

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