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Study Your Way with McGraw Hill’s ReadAnywhere App

College is one of the most intense parts of your life. It’s easy to fall behind studying when you’re running on a few hours of sleep, or if it’s midterms and you have a mountain of projects and assignments all due within days of each other. The McGraw Hill ReadAnywhere App makes studying accessible, easy, and convenient.

Lower Studying Anxiety

We’ve all been there before—standing in line waiting for coffee, or maybe, for once you’re ten minutes early to class. Suddenly, you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as anxiety creeps in over an upcoming assignment or exam.

With the ReadAnywhere App, study where ever life takes you. Download your entire book or the specific chapters you need to your phone and have the peace of mind that you can get familiar with subjects and concepts you’re unsure about. Use the search function in the ReadAnywhere App to get straight to the information you need to know instantly. No need to pull out your computer or flip through pages of notes to get the most out of your last-minute study session.

No Computer No Problem

One of the best parts about the ReadAnywhere App is the freedom of leaving your laptop behind, or not having to worry about finding a computer. Rest easy knowing you can read chapters, check definitions, highlight, and take notes right within the app. It doesn’t matter if you’re on campus or heading home for a weekend, you’ll always have the materials you need available.

Studying should be simple and convenient. With the ReadAnywhere App, make your own rules and study on your own terms no matter where you go. Study smarter and more effectively to feel confident going into class.