Not all studying is created equal. Some classes require more intense focus, while others you can breeze through relatively easily. Some days you need intense concentration to prep for an exam or project, while other days you might want to casually study with friends. 

Here are a few playlists for the most common study scenarios and tips to help you get through work outside of class. 

  1. Everyday Casual Studying 
     These playlists have your favorite artists and songs so that you can balance homework with dance breaks when needed. 

 Creating a daily study routine is important. The nice thing about maintaining a routine with studying means that you can afford to relax a little bit. Here are some tips for everyday studying: 

  • Find Your Favorite Study Spot: It can be a specific table, an individual study room, or a corner of your library. Have that as your home base for each study session (when possible) to feel at ease and in control. 

  • Use Study Tools: The ReadAnywhere® App allows you to take studying on the go and leave your laptop at home. 

  • Create a Schedule: Determine what days need to be focused on specific courses or assignments. Try to break up chapters into multiple days of note-taking, especially with heavy reading. 

  1. Hardcore Studying & Concentration  

For big exams or projects, this playlist is my go-to. Classical music makes a great background for this type of studying because it’s pretty, soothing, and it’s not distracting. The cherry on top of this playlist is that between songs, Bill Murray and Jan Vogler deliver some words of encouragement and study tips. 
While you’re doing a deep dive on homework, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Take a Break: If you’ve been going hard with readings for a couple hours, get up and take a walk. Grab a snack or coffee, and let your mind relax for a few minutes before you dive back in. 

  • Reach Out to Other Students: Find people in the same course, and ask them how studying is going for them. Maybe they’ll be able to explain something you’re struggling with or offer a helpful tip they learned about a topic. 

  • Be Realistic: Anticipate that you’ll need more time than expected to complete big assignments or work through harder chapters. Being realistic about what you can accomplish helps you plan your schedule. 

  1. Anytime, Any Place Studying 

Lofi hip hop beats to relax/study to 

This is the OG playlist for studying, chilling, or working. This playlist gives exactly as described: soothing lofi hip hop beats to have in the background of anything you’re doing. 

For any studying session, always remember: 

  • Fuel Your Brain: Eat snacks while you study so that your brain and body aren’t distracted by hunger. 

  • Ask for Help: If you run into trouble with an assignment, check in with another classmate or email your instructor. If you’re needing help with an online tool like  McGraw Hill Connect®, check out Support At Every Step. Getting help early makes the semester less stressful and can improve your grade faster.  

These playlists and tips can set you up for success in any course, so press play and get to work!