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The Power of Practice: Take Advantage of McGraw Hill Connect® Practice Tests for Midterm Prep

When it comes to midterms, it can be stressful. But I’ve found that with a little practice and the right tools, you can feel more confident going into this mid-semester season. McGraw Hill has a lot of tools—all in one place—to help you get ready for your exams. Here are some tips that have prepared me.  

Take Advantage of the Assignments 

After reading an assigned chapter, I complete the McGraw Hill Connect assignments associated with that chapter. I have found that reading the material not only enforces what I learned in class, but also provides extra information I may have missed. Connect does an excellent job of providing page numbers where I can find information if I am unable to answer the questions. This reinforces the material in such a way that helps to apply the concepts I’ve learned to the bigger picture. 

Pay Attention to Question Types  

Connect provides a variety of formatted questions that promote retention of the material and familiarity with the types of questions. As a result, I am never truly worried about open-ended responses, multiple choice, or fill-in-the-blank type questions because I’ve had practice. Connect goes into incredible detail when asking questions. For instance, if I must fill in the blank for a question, the word must be spelled correctly. This level of detail forces me to truly know and understand the material. 

Take Notes 

While completing Connect questions, I write down the questions I got wrong in a notebook. This allows me to not just read, but actively participate in learning the material by applying pen to paper. As I continue taking notes of questions I got wrong, I make sure to review these questions in case something similar appears on the test. Additionally, I review these notes before the exam to boost my confidence on those topics that challenged me. I have found that perfect practice makes perfect. Connect does a wonderful job of ensuring every question is asked and answered perfectly and precisely, which is how I have managed to continue excelling in all my courses.  

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About the Author

I am a senior at Long Island University Brooklyn pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Art in Psychology. I will graduate from the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship in September of 2023. My goal is to pursue an MD.

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