Guidelines for Proposal

McGraw Hill Higher Education United States Undergraduate Project Proposal Guidelines

Preparing a proposal that will be seriously evaluated is the first step in developing your project. To ensure that McGraw Hill can thoroughly assess the merits of your ideas and arrive at a careful decision, we recommend that your proposal include the following key elements:

1. The Market

  • Which higher education course(s) would be the most likely targets for your project and why? Is it intended as a primary or supplemental resource for this course? What is the proposed format of the product (print book, eBook, digital learning resource)?
  • How many schools would be likely to use this product in their courses each year?
  • What trends (changes in enrollments, course content, approaches to course content or course delivery, research, or new pedagogies) are likely to affect the content of your project? Are there any trends likely to affect the marketing of the project?
  • Are instructors teaching this course likely to use digital delivery and assessment? What specific materials would they likely use?

2. The Competition

  • Please provide an analysis of the competition, including strengths and weaknesses, and a description of features that distinguish your product from the competition.
  • What would make your product stand out from these competitors? Why would someone adopt your product instead of any of the existing products on the market?

3. The Story and Content

  • Imagine that you are addressing the McGraw Hill Higher Education sales staff for the first time after your project is published. What is the most important message you want them to deliver to instructors? What specific features provide benefits that these instructors can't get from the competitor(s)?

  • Does your proposed project provide opportunities to improve diversity and representation in your discipline? Will you be able to include perspectives from historically marginalized groups or voices? Please see McGraw Hill’s statement on diversity, inclusion, and belonging here. How does your proposed product advance inclusion, diversity, and belonging within your discipline?
  • Do you have a proposed outline, table of contents, or sample material available for McGraw Hill to review?

4. Vita and Qualifications

  • What are your credentials: teaching and research experience; degrees and affiliations; prior publications; special qualifications; awards? Please be sure to provide your current contact information including email address, phone number, relevant websites, and mailing address.

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