Third Party Inclusive Access Partners


At Redshelf we believe that every student has the right to an affordable and accessible reading experience.

Through Redshelf Inclusive we connect students with discounted eTextbooks and digital course materials on the first day of class through seamless integrations across campus systems. Working with the entire higher education community from publishers and universities, to students and faculty, Redshelf is committed to improving education together. If you need assistance with your Inclusive Access managed by RedShelf, please click here.

VitalSource/Verba Connect In April 2017, VitalSource acquired Verba Software, the leading provider of competitive tools for the independent campus store industry.

Together, VitalSource and verba are committed to supporting independent stores and growing Inclusive Access. VitalSource has waived the annual subscription fee for Verba Connect, as well as most per-unit technology fees. This means that more institutions can launch Inclusive Access with the best-in-class Inclusive Access management tool, Verba Connect. Verba’s new Connect Portal offers a seamless Inclusive Access experience for students, where they can easily manage opt-out and opt-in, as well as courseware access. If you need assistance with your Inclusive Access managed by VitalSource or Verba Connect, please contact your bookstore manager or click here.


Access. Engagement. Outcomes. Affordability.

Follett's includED program is a groundbreaking initiative that delivers all required course materials, print, digital and supplies to students as part of their tuition or fees. It's a simple idea that delivers tremendous benefits for students, faculty, administrators, and publisher partners. If you need assistance with your Inclusive Access managed by IncludED, please click here.