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Speech Assignment/Capture was designed for use in face-to-face, real-time classrooms, as well as online and hybrid courses. Speech Assignment allows you to evaluate your learners’ speeches using fully customizable rubrics. You can also create and manage peer review assignments and upload videos on behalf of learners for optimal flexibility. Learners can access rubrics and leave comments when preparing self-reviews and peer reviews. They can easily upload a video of their speech from their hard drive or use Connect’s built in video recorder. Learners can even attach and upload additional files or documents, such as a works cited page or a PowerPoint presentation. Peer review assignments are easier than ever. Create and manage peer review assignments and customize privacy settings. Speech Assessment Connect Speech Capture lets you customize the assignments, including self-reviews and peer reviews. It also saves your frequently used comments, simplifying your efforts to provide feedback. The self-review feature allows learners to revisit their own presentations and compare their progress over time.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1. The Practice of Public Speaking

Chapter 1. Adapt Your Voice

Chapter 2. Manage Speech Anxiety

Chapter 3. Practice Effective Listening

Chapter 4. Speak Ethically

Part 2. Getting Started with Your Speech

Chapter 5. Know and Adapt to Your Audience

Chapter 6. Select a Topic and Purpose

Part 3. Supporting Your Speech

Chapter 7. Locate Supporting Materials

Chapter 8. Select and Evaluate Supporting Materials

Chapter 9. Cite Sources in Your Speech

Part 4. Organizing and Developing Your Speech

Chapter 10. Outline Your Speech

Chapter 11. Organize the Body of Your Speech

Chapter 12. Introduce and Conclude Your Speech

Chapter 13. Use Language Successfully

Part 5. Forms of Speeches

Chapter 14. Speak to Inform

Chapter 15. Speak to Persuade

Chapter 16. Practice Persuasiveness

Chapter 17. Speak in Small Groups

Chapter 18. Speak on the Job

Chapter 19. Speak on Special Occasions

Part 6. Presenting Your Speech

Chapter 20. Choose a Form of Delivery

Chapter 21. Use Your Body and Voice Effectively

Chapter 22. Use Presentation Aids Effectively

Appendix: The Art of Speechcrafting

Appendix: Sample Speeches