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What is ALEKS?

ALEKS is a mastery-based learning platform that identifies what your students know, what they don't know and what they are ready to learn. No matter your course structure or format, ALEKS empowers instructors with the flexibility and control to create an environment that helps students achieve their unique goals. Like having a second teacher in the classroom, ALEKS helps instructors facilitate even more meaningful interaction with students, resulting in more motivated, confident, lifelong learners.

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Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS

Looking for something more linear? Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS is the complete homework system that offers everything students and instructors need in one, intuitive platform. Developed by instructors for instructors to create a seamless transition and integration of text (content) and tech (digital); Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS offers access to author-developed, text-specific assignments, learning resources, videos, and adaptive learning modules. The platform boasts a 99.97% uptime and industry-leading technical support.

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Interested in Piloting?

Ready to pilot in your Mathematics & Statistics course THIS term? We offer a wide range of pilot options:

  • 1 unit or lesson 
  • Summer bridge program, online or full semester 
  • Dedicated Implementation Consultant throughout the duration of the pilot 
  • Reliability of a platform with 99.98% uptime 

Take flight with any of the available pilots below:

Pilot ALEKS  Pilot Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS

Student Testimonials

Watch Julia Schweizer and her peers across the country talk about their experience with ALEKS and how it helped their instructor facilitate their "aha!", lightbulb moment.

Case Studies

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"High Tech High Touch Report"

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Where Do I Start?

Common Co-Req Models

i. Will review be woven into the support course as just-in-time or will it all be done up front?

ii. How will sections be determined? Will students enrolled in the Corequisite support be mixed with college level students in the credit course?

iii. What is the overall structure of the course? Things to consider are supplemental labs, increased meeting times for the gateway course, “compressed” support of a Coreq, and boot camps.

iv. Will the Coreq support course and the credit course be taught by the same or different instructor?

v. If you offer online courses, will you require students to take the support/credit course in same modality?

vi. How are students placed into the Coreq course?

vii. On what will the grade in the Coreq course be based? Will it impact the grade in the credit course? Will you assign two separate grades?

viii. What content will be taught in the Corequisite course? What activities will the students engage in during the course?

ix. Will features/requirements will you have for the software used in the Coreq course? Will they be the same features/requirements for software in the credit course?

x. Will you embed study skills in the Coreq course?

On-Demand Webinars

Corequisite Model: A Propeller in Education

Webinar 1: “Corequisite Model: A Propeller in Education” hosted by Sharon Weltlich, Assistant Professor of Mathematics @ Georgia State University, Perimeter College

Tools for Engaged Teaching Online and Beyond: A Leader's Perspective

Webinar 2: “Tools for Engaged Teaching Online & Beyond: A Leader’s Perspective” hosted by Dr. Lisa Rombes, Chair of the Department of Mathematics @ Washtenaw Community College

No Adjunct Left Behind: Addressing the Challenges of a Part Time Instructor

Webinar 3: “No Adjunct Left Behind: The Challenges of a Part-Time Instructor” hosted by Natalie Simmons, Adjunct Math Professor @ South Seattle College

The Austin Community College ALEKS Experience

Listen to Austin Community College Math Professor and ALEKS Administrator Anne Praderas Vance discuss the power of the mall-turned-ACCelerator computer lab, powered by ALEKS technology.


Thought Leadership: M.A.T.H. Tips

Inspiration for Back to School

As you head back for the Fall semester here are some tried and true tips and tricks to kick-off your classes.

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Making it Stick! Mixing old with new holds like glue

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Co-Requisites: Not sure where to start?

Are you running or considering implementing a co-requisite course?

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Top 5 Tips for Using ALEKS Reports

Submitted by Mary Merchant, Professor of Mathematics

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