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Since 1995, Tegrity has been improving student retention, course completion and student satisfaction at hundreds of leading colleges and universities around the world.

Tegrity's powerful learning features improve academic achievement by making study time incredibly efficient; and its fully-automated operation lets institutions affordably scale campus-wide - bringing the benefits to all students.

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Basic Features

Fully automated workflow

Tegrity’s advanced real-time integrations and automated workflows guarantee a simplified “Stop-Start-Upload” faculty experience. Tegrity’s 92% faculty ease-of-use rating ensures that institutions of all sizes, regardless of IT resources, may fully scale Tegrity lecture capture to maximize student success, satisfaction and resulting institutional retention.

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Centralized policy setting

Features and policies can be administered and enabled or disabled at the institution level.

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Measure usage and outcomes

Thanks to its advanced integration technology, Tegrity reporting drills down to the user-level. The Outcomes Analysis report then correlates this detailed usage data with grades to determine the overall impact Tegrity is making on learning.

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Promote your institutional brand

The Tegrity interface may easily be customized to include your schools’ logo, color schemes and personalized welcome. Additionally, schools further promote their institutional brand by incorporating their institutional logos within all recordings.

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Closed captioning

To ensure section 508 compliance, Tegrity provides several options to address the unique needs of students with disabilities. We currently provide seamless integrations with several industry-leading captioning providers to provide a fully integrated, automated captioning workflow. Additionally, Tegrity provides a no-cost voice-to-text caption option for individual faculty recording use, which performs the initial heavy lifting of captioning and formatting, to be further edited for improved accuracy. All captioned text gets added to our SmartSearch™ search tool, to support maximum student efficiency.

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Only Tegrity has Native iOS and Android Apps.

No one does mobile like Tegrity, the only lecture capture solution with native apps for iPod Touch and iPhone, iPad and Android devices. And the Tegrity Mobile App lets students do much more than simply view recorded content. It provides students with a personalized learning environment that they can access from just about anywhere through today’s most popular mobile devices.


All course content in one place

The Tegrity Mobile App lets students access recordings across all their courses, in one place. Simply click on the desired course on the top of the screen, and all recordings for that course are shown. The courses presented are based on the user's enrollment, which is determined via the real-time connection that Tegrity's advanced AAIRS™ integration technology maintains with the CMS/LMS.

Controlled access

The Tegrity Mobile App works seamlessly with Tegrity's advanced AAIRS™ integration technology in order to authenticate users with the institution's authentication authority, allowing only those students with the appropriate credentials to view course recordings.

Search Anything™ Mobile

Students can search through recordings in order to find what they are looking for on the Tegrity web interface, so why wouldn't they want to do the same on their mobile device. They would of course, which is why the Tegrity Mobile App supports full search capability, letting students quickly find the content they need to review.

Smart Bookmarks

Tegrity allows students to efficiently access specific instructor content through “Important”, “Unclear” or “General” bookmarks they have created. They may also record personal comments to help them further define their bookmarks, allowing them to focus their study time addressing personal problem areas or key content they are responsible for. Smart Bookmarks may also be easily sorted to maximize study efficiency.

Speed it up, slow it down

As students view Tegrity recordings through the Tegrity Mobile App, they can easily speed up or slowdown playback speed. This is great for ESL students who want to slow the rate of the instructor's speech, or the medical school student that wants to increase the playback speed in order to review a large amount of content as efficiently as possible.

Validate Online Exam Integrity with Remote Proctoring

Tegrity’s Remote Proctoring feature can provide students the ability to take exams remotely, while ensuring the integrity of the exam results. A webcam and microphone records the student taking the test, as well as all their screen activity. The recordings cannot be paused, and are uploaded for instructors to review at up to 8x speed.

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As part of the workflow, both the institution and individual instructor can present a policy statement that must be accepted by the student taking an exam.

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Once the policy statement(s) is accepted, the student confirms that audio and video (typically a webcam) are working properly.

The student is asked to present their student or other form of ID in order to prove their identity as the appropriate test taker.

When the exam is completed, the student clicks stop in the Tegrity Toolbar (there is no pause function for Remote Proctoring) and the recording is uploaded to the appropriate course.

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The recording of the exam appears in the instructor’s Tegrity environment under a new tab labeled “Tests”. It can be played back at up to 8x speed, or reviewed at random points in order to confirm that no cheating has occurred.

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Added Features for System-Wide Deployments

policy setting

Features and policies can be administered and enabled or disabled at the system level. Policies or features that are enabled or disabled can be locked at a specific setting, or left open for each institution to set individually based on their own policies.


Reports for each school within the system, as well as summary reports reflecting system-wide usage and activity are available with system-wide Tegrity deployments. This provides systems with the ability to correlate usage with outcomes in order to measure the impact Tegrity is having on the system as a whole, as well as for each individual school within the system.

Individual school branding

For systems, each school within the system can maintain their own brand identity by customizing the look and feel of their Tegrity interface, while still being tied to the overall system from a management and reporting perspective.


Increase Student Retention

By improving academic achievement and allowing the flexibility of anytime, anywhere learning, Tegrity improves course completion rates, keeping students enrolled and on the path to successfully graduate on-time. This effect is magnified further for institutions with a high percentage of non-traditional students, who often juggle their academic responsibilities with those related to family and work.

Improve Student Satisfaction

Today's digital generation of students are increasingly demanding the ability to review their classes online. In fact, there are a growing number of institutions that became Tegrity customers through pressure placed on administrators by students. Furthermore, our surveys consistently indicate that more than 80% of students feel more satisfied with courses that use Tegrity.

Generate Revenue with Distance Learning

Tegrity's ease-of-use and live or on-demand viewing options make it a powerful tool for institutions looking to offer an engaging distance learning program that generates incremental revenue. Unlike other solutions that have steep learning curves and/or require instructors to change their pedagogical approach, instructors simply click a button and teach as they normally would in order to deliver their courses online through Tegrity.

Ensure Learning Continuity in Case of a Disaster or Outbreak

In the event of a disaster, or outbreak of an illness, institutions using the full cloud-based version of Tegrity Campus can ensure business continuity; as instructors can continue to record from anywhere and students can view from anywhere, anytime. Such was the case in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, when instructors used Tegrity to record class content from their homes and other locations in order to deliver classes to thousands of students who were forced to flee the city.