Customer Testimonials

"We’ve been amazed at how many instructors are using Tegrity, and this underscores how easy it is to use."

Danna Vessell
Director of Educational Technologies
University of Missouri

"Tegrity is so easy to use. What's interesting is our regular Tegrity users are not our early-adopters. They are dedicated teachers who, for the most part, wouldn't be expected to use technology, so that says a lot about how easy it is."

Jim Millard
Senior Instructional Technologist
Saint Michael's College

"Our initial requirement was to make online classes equal in content and value to in-class sessions, but Tegrity has become so much more. Tegrity allows professors to interface with online students in a more personal way."

Steve Clark
Coordinator, Learning Systems, Certified Blackboard Learn GUI Administrator
Athens State University

Students have embraced it. Grades have gone up. Students are not skipping classes as many people feared. And as Tegrity becomes more widespread, students are demanding it."

Jim Millard
Senior Instructional Technologist
Saint Michael’s College

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