Third Party Inclusive Access Partners


At Redshelf we believe that every student has the right to an affordable and accessible reading experience.

Through Redshelf Inclusive we connect students with discounted eTextbooks and digital course materials on the first day of class through seamless integrations across campus systems. Working with the entire higher education community from publishers and universities, to students and faculty, Redshelf is committed to improving education together. If you need assistance with your Inclusive Access managed by RedShelf, please click here.

Reduce costs, ensure day-one access, improve outcomes

In 2010, Verba began as a Harvard student government project designed to tackle textbook affordability through radical transparency. Since its inception, Verba’s tools have helped independent campus stores and institutions lower the cost of education. As part of VitalSource—a global leader in building, enhancing, and delivering e-learning content—we work with campus stores and institutional leadership to provide affordable, accessible course materials to every student on day one through the Inclusive Access model. For more information, click here.


Access. Engagement. Outcomes. Affordability.

Follett's includED program is a groundbreaking initiative that delivers all required course materials, print, digital and supplies to students as part of their tuition or fees. It's a simple idea that delivers tremendous benefits for students, faculty, administrators, and publisher partners. If you need assistance with your Inclusive Access managed by IncludED, please click here.

Through its Barnes & Noble College and MBS Textbook Exchange segments, Barnes & Noble Education operates 1,450 physical and virtual bookstores across the U.S., serving more than 6 million students and faculty.

First Day™ is Barnes & Noble College’s Inclusive Access model, where digital course materials are included as an additional course charge for a particular course or program. This model supports our company goal to offer convenience and ease for our customers, affordable options, and to support student success by ensuring every student is prepared for the first day of class. Our First Day™ program can be applied to a single course, a specific department or program, a year of study, or to the entire curriculum. For additional information click here.