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Disrupting Your Teaching Approach by Jason Furrer, PhD

About the Author

Jason is an Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri. This is his 14th year teaching his clinically based, flipped classroom-style microbiology course geared to pre-nursing and allied health students. He has been an integral part of McGraw Hill’s mission of Education for All throughout the past 5+ years as a Digital Faculty Consultant (DFC) and digital developer. An impactful educator, passionate microbiologist, and strong innovator, he has conducted numerous webinars for Microbiology faculty focusing on key implementations of McGraw Hill’s Virtual Labs and Connect platform. He showcases how to increase student engagement and critical thinking into the classroom using state-of-the-art digital tools for today’s students. Throughout the past two years, through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. His expertise with microbiology content and our digital tools has helped numerous faculty across the country implement resources with enormous success.

Profile Photo of Dr. Jason Furrer, PhD