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The Latest Webinars For Operations & Supply Chain Management Success Week

Check out the latest Success Week webinars for Operations and Supply Chain Management. Each webinar explores the latest insights, effective teaching strategies, and countless tips to set your students up for success and elevate your classroom

Integrating Analytics Exercises into Your Operations & Supply Chain Management Classroom

Presented by author of Operations & Supply Chain Management and The Core, Bob Jacobs. Join author Bob Jacobs as he showcases how he has integrated problem-solving using analytical models and statistics with end-of-chapter exercises that focus on real-world decision-making scenarios. Learn alternative ways to incorporate these exercises into your OM/SCM classes and explore how they can be seamlessly graded using Integrated Excel in McGraw Hill Connect®.

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Gamifying the OM Classroom with McGraw Hill's Practice Operations Simulation

Discover how incorporating game elements can transform your classroom and keep your students engaged! Join Greg DeYong of Southern Illinois University as he explores the modular approach of McGraw Hill’s Practice Operations. Gain teaching tips and tricks on how to use simulations to reinforce learning objections and pave the way for comprehensive understanding of Operations Management principles.

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Driving Sustainability in Your Operations and Supply Chain Management Classroom

Join an insightful webinar, hosted by authors and professors Roger Schroeder and Susan Meyer Goldstein of the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, as they explore forward-thinking Operations and Supply Chain Management practices, integrating sustainable practices into OM/SCM core courses, and uncovering practical strategies, case studies, and actionable insights. Whether you're a seasoned professional, professor, or student, this webinar will equip you with foundational concepts to teach and implement sustainability in Operations Management and Supply Chain practices.

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Navigating Supply Chain Resilience Challenges in the Operations and Supply Chain Management Classroom

Join our webinar led by author Thomas Kull, of the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University as he dives into how he navigates the latest insights and emerging concepts surrounding supply chain resilience. Gain essential insights and strategies, informed by the experiences of COVID-19, to equip students with the latest concepts and capabilities, setting them up for success in the field.

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OM in the News Panel: Unlock Insights and Best Practices to Bring Relevancy into Your Operations Management Classroom

Explore the thought processes behind OM in the News, a Blog and Newsletter curated BY faculty FOR faculty. Join a panel of contributors as they share best practices and offer insights into fostering engagement with current and relevant content through OM in the News. Learn how this valuable resource can enhance your course objectives and provide up-to-date cases and articles for meaningful class discussions or projects. Visit for more information and discover how OM in the News can seamlessly integrate into your McGraw Hill Connect® course.

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