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Science Lab Radio

The Science Lab Radio Podcast gives you a chance to learn from your peers teaching science labs face-to-face, hybrid, or all online. Every other week, you will hear interviews from faculty across the globe.

We will focus on:

  • Curriculum
  • How to manage resources in the lab
  • Hitting a moving target with students & the demands of online, F2F and hybrid learning
  • Equipment opportunities or challenges
  • Specimens
  • Accessibility in the lab (online and F2F)
  • Inclusion and Diversity & what it means for our future
  • MHE Virtual Labs (where the lab is always open)
  • Pre-Lab (reaching every student on or off campus)
  • How to bridge the gaps between lecture and lab
  • How to provide a complete lab experience for online learning

We promise you will take valuable information and insight from our shows. The goal is to have you leave energized, excited, and empowered to make your lab the best it can be! Oooh, and we will definitely have fun along the way! Make it a great day!

For episode details, click here.