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McGraw Hill Educator Week 2022

Celebrate McGraw Hill Educator Week with us and get to know some of your fellow educators! We asked instructors to tell us...

"What keeps you motivated as an instructor?"

"How do you stay passionate about teaching?"

"Post-pandemic, how are you incorporating or adapting digital learning into your courses?"

Here's what they had to say:

My students keep me motivated each semester as the class dynamics are built and they become active science learners it pushes me to keep going each semester.  Their insights, feedback, and new approaches to topics I have known for so many years keep me seeing the world from their point of view. Digital learning has been an integral part of my courses for years and gives students the flexibility to fit learning into their lives and meet them wherever they are.  As digital resources evolve, improve, and become more adaptive students are able to learn the material in ways that fit their online world in conjunction with learning in a traditional classroom or online.  The interactive tools and supportive learning resources are like having a classroom TA or tutor available when they need help. - Margaret Johnson, St. Charles Community College

During the pandemic, we were forced to find digital solutions to deal with the situation we faced, and interestingly, these digital assets taught me a lot more about my students and how they learn. These past few semesters, it has been a fun challenge to determine which of those digital solutions continue to provide meaningful tools for students even as they return to the classroom.  Honestly, we have kept most of them as part of our on-campus curriculum as it seems crazy not to give students a full toolbox! - Heidi Smith, Front Range Community College

I’m just trying to keep my students from losing their heads! My students see their A&P class as a precursor to their future careers so they are very motivated to do well. I love their energy and I strive to help them achieve their goals while developing better critical thinking skills. - Richard Pirkle, Tennessee Tech University