For educators and students who have benefitted from the integration of their Learning Management System (LMS) with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), the introduction of LTI Advantage (LTIA) is even more welcome news. 

LTIA adds new features that enhance the integration of any digital tool with any LMS, delivering better usability, advanced protections, and next-level learning. 

This latest development in LMS integration is also welcome news at McGraw Hill because providing the best user experience for instructors, administrators, and students is our top priority. By linking an LTI Advantage-compliant LMS—Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, and more—with any McGraw Hill platform—Connect, ALEKS®, or SIMnet®—instructors and students can succeed with everything they need in one place. 

This enhanced integration brings exciting benefits to Connect:  

  • Consistent LMS integration functionality for McGraw Hill Connect®, which includes single sign-on (SSO), assignment-level linking, and grade book sync (no more manual syncing!)  

  • Automatic account creation for new Connect users 

  • Easier setup for students and faculty 

  • Improved Connect grade-sync functionality with re-sync at student and assignment level and automatic ‘0’ after the due date 

  • Industry-wide standards and roadmap for easier updates 

To ensure LTI Advantage is fully leveraged in our learning platforms, McGraw Hill commissioned an independent review from Unicon, a digital learning consulting firm with industry-leading expertise in LTI implementation. They conducted a study of our program, including a review of the source code, meetings with McGraw Hill developers and leaders, and carefully reading all integration-focused documentation and supporting materials.  

The results demonstrated that McGraw Hill’s adoption of and adherence to LTI standards far surpasses the capabilities of other platforms in the marketplace.  

"We found McGraw Hill’s program to be best in breed across integration architecture, standards support, and implementation as well as administration tooling," Unicon wrote in its report. "This new architecture and McGraw Hill’s integrations team are advancing…the entire industry and ensuring the best possible experience for students and educators." 

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