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Learning on the Go: How the ReadAnywhere® App Fits into My College Life

The ReadAnywhere app is my go-to resource when it comes to studying on the go. It is convenient, accessible, and easy to use!

Download the ReadAnywhere App for IOS here and for Android here

As a busy college student, this simple app on my phone helps me access my coursework on the go. Between work, classes, and social events, I like to fit in time to study whenever possible. The ReadAnywhere app makes this possible. 

In my personal experience, using the university’s Wi-Fi is not always reliable, and in some places, you are unable to connect.  In this case, the ReadAnywhere app is the solution!  You can open the app and begin reading or even complete SmartBook assignments without wifi.  In my courses, I get assigned a lot of SmartBook question assignments as homework, so this is really convenient for me!  Being able to utilize the app and complete SmartBook assignments even with spotty wifi is a game changer! Also, focusing is much easier when you aren’t constantly checking the Wi-Fi connection.  The app helps you complete assignments on the go. Since I don’t have to worry about connecting to wifi or ensuring a strong connection, I am able to complete my assignments on time stress-free. 

 One of my favorite features of the ReadAnywhere app is that it automatically remembers the page you were last on using the cloud! It is super convenient to open the app, and it immediately opens the textbook to where you were, so you don’t need to bookmark or make note of the page! 

I use this app daily because of its convenience and accessibility.  I have downloaded it on my smartphone and iPad.  As a busy college student, I don’t always have my laptop or iPad readily available.  However, I can always pull out my phone and still access my textbook, take notes, and complete assignments with the ReadAnywhere app!

About the Author

Hayley Sorg recently graduated from Maryville University with a Bachelor’s degree, where she double majored in Cybersecurity and Business Administration. Hayley will be completing her Master's degree in Business Administration in the Spring of 2024.

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