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Ask an ALEKS Implementation Manager: Peggy Jenders on ALEKS Registration

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When students register for your ALEKS course, it is important to remind them to make a note of their new ALEKS login and password. They will need it to access your course. Sometimes students accidentally register again, and you have duplicate accounts for one student.  An instructor can hide and disable the duplicate account.  

You will use the Class Roster to fix the issue: Class Administration>>Students>>Class Roster.  Once here, you’ll want to make sure to hide and disable the account a student isn’t actively working on. (If you're not sure which is which, check last login or progress!) Check the box next to the student’s name and use the Disable Access option because you don’t want the student working in two accounts! It is helpful to check the student name again and use the Hide option to remove the duplicate name from your Class Roster, too.   

Check out this video for a full walk-through: ALEKS-hide and disable a student account 

This article was written by Peggy Jenders, ALEKS Implementation Manager.