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Connect Temporary Access

Temporary Access is a way to obtain 14 days of Connect without having to enter a registration code or purchase online. This option is designed to provide interim access if you are waiting for financial aid or if your access code card is currently out of stock at the bookstore.

Important Information about Temporary Access:

  • The 14-day Temporary Access period begins on the day you register with this option
  • Temporary Access is only available for the first 14-days of the course. After the time period for Temporary Access has expired, this option will be grayed out within Connect and you will not be able to register using the Temporary Access option.
  • Any work done while using Temporary Access will be saved when you fully registered for your Connect course as long the same email address is used. Two different Connect email accounts cannot be merged into one account.

Here is how to locate the Temporary Access option within Connect:

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