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6 Free Resources to Help You Study & Learn Online

Taking all online courses can be rough. Without face-to-face access to study groups, professors, or tutoring centers, it can be difficult sometimes to ensure you’re staying on track with all of your studies. The good news is there are several free online resources that can help you remain productive.

  1. Zoom

Sometimes emails just aren’t enough. When you’re confused or unsure about sometimes, the best way to learn might be a conversation or meeting, where you can discuss the problem in-depth. In a virtual classroom, that’s not always an option but Zoom, a free video conferencing app, can help you connect with your professors, classmates, tutors, etc. Being able to speak and see someone as they explain a lesson or discuss the material could make all the difference between confusion and understanding.

  1. Evernote / Google Keep

Taking notes is as old learning itself. It’s really, really annoying, though, when your notes aren’t easily accessible. That’s why online notetaking tools like Evernote and Google Keep can be awesome resources. Take your notes online and pull them up anywhere and on any device you need.

  1. Quizlet / Study Stack

A big part of studying is practice. That includes things like repetition, memorization, and self-testing, to ensure that what you study actually sticks. Many instructors will give you practice tests or exams, but there are several online, free methods to create your own practice quizzes. Try Quizlet or Study Stack and create your own flash cards or games to help you practice. 

  1. Grammarly

Many assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. involve writing. They can range from full papers/projects, to essay-long responses, or even just short answers. While strong writing skills are a must for anyone, getting extra help here and there on things like grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation is always a good idea. Download Grammarly to your laptop, it’ll help serve as an online writing assistant who can point out some common mistakes in your writing. Don’t forget to proofread, though! Remember, no online software catches 100% of the errors.

  1. GoConqr

Looking for some cool online study resources like flash cards, study plans, outlines, mind maps, etc.? GoConqr can offer a ton of great, creative options for you to explore for free.

  1. How to Study

Not a 100% sure you have the studying part down? It’s a skill to learn just like everything else. An excellent overall resource on best studying practices, like time management, note taking, listening, avoiding procrastination, etc. in general can be found at