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5 Tips for Students Heading Back to Campus

It’s that time of the year again when school is right around the corner. You might be a student entering a college campus for the first time, a little unsure of what to expect, a transfer student entering a new college campus, that’s a little nervous about a new learning environment, or you might even be a student that hasn’t set foot on a physical school campus since the pandemic and the idea of college is a little scary and unfamiliar. Regardless of which student you are, if you’re feeling a little nervous and unsure of how to begin preparing for heading back to campus, it’s okay. Here are a few tips to hopefully help you feel a little more prepared and excited for the new school year. 

1. Plan ahead.

Schedule a meeting with your advisor to discuss your goals for the upcoming semester. Express the major or courses you’re interested in taking so that your advisor can help enroll in the courses you need. It’s important to meet with an advisor as soon as possible to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to ensure that you get the classes you need. After you create your schedule, make sure to get the required course materials. You might have to visit the bookstore or download your eBook online. 

2. Familiarize yourself with your campus. 

After creating your schedule, take time to find the buildings your classes are located in. This will help you arrive at class on time and familiarize yourself with your schedule. Once you feel more comfortable with the buildings your classes are in, take time to explore the campus and its resources. Some places you might want to check out are; the library, the student center, the counseling office, the health center, etc. 

3. Make your game plan.  

Although it may sound silly, making your own game plan for the school year can help you stay organized and reduce stress. It’s important for you to think about your responsibilities and obligations in addition to your coursework and create your own schedule. You can use a planner, google calendar, an online schedule builder, or even create a semi-structured checklist to help you keep track of all your responsibilities. 

4. Engage with the community and be present. 

College isn’t just going to class and then heading home. It's also about engaging with the community and being present. There are a lot of resources and events on campus to help enhance the college experience for students. Be sure to take advantage of them and even ask about them. 

5. Have fun! 

Remember to breathe and have fun! When creating your own game plan, be sure to leave some room for fun! College doesn’t have to be stressful or boring. It’s a place filled with opportunities to learn, not just from textbooks and classes but also from the experiences you have and the people you meet. 

About the Author

Riyahuana Headley is a senior participating in the accelerated master’s program to receive her master’s in Urban Studies while completing her bachelor’s in urban studies with minors in honors of social sciences and cities in social medicine at Queens College. As a McGraw Hill student ambassador, she loves the opportunity to represent a company whose mission is to support and help students like her succeed. She’s a student who is very involved on her campus and dedicated to serving her community. She’s a member of the student government and enjoys serving for the student body. She also works with the First-Year Experience Program at Queens College. Its mission is to mentor and support new students and the current student body with transitioning into the Queens College community. She loves any opportunity to support her community and others!

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