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Connect® Makes Studying Easier, Faster, and Better.

McGraw Hill offers students so many fantastic resources and allows for numerous ways for students to improve their overall school performance. The great programs McGraw Hill offers—like McGraw Hill Connect®—have allowed me to become a better student by improving my study habits and providing more flexibility to study and review content.   

A huge benefit of using Connect® is how it’s so different than your traditional textbook. The average textbook is typically very thick, heavy, can be very wordy and boring, and sometimes is overwhelming in regards to helping to retain information. It’s easy to get lost within the hundreds of pages and endless definitions provided that have no real focus towards the class. This leads to confusion and doesn't allow a student to fully comprehend the information. Connect has found ways to help students by making material dynamic and really focusing in on what’s important for the class.  

The developers of Connect® have created engaging, new techniques to help students study and truly learn core concepts. Using these tools has helped me get what I truly need from the text, allowing me to accelerate through classes knowing the material I need to. Using the program called LearnSmart®, you are prompted with practice questions for quizzes and tests while learning and studying the material. And, the program presented multiple types of questions—from fill in the blanks to multiple choice—which really allows students to engage their brains and stay engaged while studying. While going through this material it gives you the chance to learn and study the same concept multiple times while having anywhere from two to five variations of questions. This allows students to gain a greater understanding of the concept.  

LearnSmart® also allows students to have notes that come prewritten for certain topics that can be printed out and used to study in the future. LearnSmart provides text content already highlighted, which helps students focus in on the topics that will eventually show on quizzes, tests, and exams. This benefits the students by helping them truly hone in on core concepts. Students have a huge advantage using these dynamic textbooks as the interface does all the hard work for them. If the student studies and puts in the work on their own, the results should be good.  

Personally, I highly recommend any of these learning opportunities whether it be Connect®, LearnSmart®, or anything else ever offered. In my first two semesters of college, I was able to look and see the impact these programs had on my grades and the flexibility of study options provided. Using these programs allowed me to have new ways of studying while also being able to study and focus on main details of chapters that I didn’t feel strong in yet. I loved this program because it allowed me to really dive in and focus on only the parts I needed in order to continue my successful path within a class.