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Health Professions Spotlight: Medical Office Procedures 10th Edition

For the Fall edition of our newsletter, we are excited to spotlight the 10th edition of Medical Office Procedures (MOP)! This is a wonderful text and Connect site, read more about it below. We have included a link at the bottom, so you can see a sample chapter and much more!

The medical profession is complex and demanding. The typical physician rarely has time to attend to the administrative responsibilities of the office. Successfully performing the work of an administrative medical assistant requires a foundation of procedural knowledge as well as continuing education to keep up to date with technology, including computer skills, new computer software, and legal guidelines. This 10th edition of Medical Office Procedures (MOP) provides the required background for the responsibilities of the administrative medical assistant. To prepare students for the ever-increasing use of technology in the medical office, this revision places continued importance on the computerization of routine tasks and of communications.

Job opportunities in the medical field often change with varying degrees of education and specialization required. This textbook allows for the integrated application of office procedures, skills, and knowledge in the classroom through the use of projects and simulations. Students learn to perform the duties of the administrative medical assistant under realistic conditions and with realistic pressures that require them to organize the work and set priorities.

What You and Your Students Can Expect from MOP:

McGraw-Hill’s new electronic health record tool, EHRclinic, provides a practice environment, giving students the look and feel of a real EHR system. EHRclinic is fully integrated with Connect and auto-graded.

  • Chapter projects, end-of-chapter material, and simulations are available online in Connect, making it even easier for you and your students to access all the necessary materials in one convenient place.
  • Connect provides simulated EHRclinic exercises in select chapters. These exercises simulate the use of a practice management software system to complete various tasks.
  • Each chapter has been matched up with updated ABHES and CAAHEP competencies, which are listed in the chapter opener.
  • The end-of-chapter material—including the Using Terminology matching questions, Checking Your Understanding multiple-choice questions, and Thinking It Through critical-thinking questions-- has been updated.
  • The chapter projects have been updated and aligned with the organization of the book.
  • The updated Working Papers are both at the back of the book and available electronically on Connect.
  • Art and screenshots have been updated.

Click here to access a sample chapter.