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5 Ways to Get Involved on Campus

Getting involved on campus allows you to get to know what the college experience is truly about. It’s more than just going to classes, it’s about building your network and being open to new experiences. Being involved in college life is vital because it helps you grow as a young adult. Here are a few ways to get involved on campus: 

1. Join Student Government 

Students involved in student government are by nature closely involved within campus life. They are the people who represent all of the students on campus. Student government members work with both students and the school’s administration to ensure that every students’ voice is heard and represented. Joining student government also can help you acquire many new skills, like public speaking and leadership abilities. This is a great fit for people who may be outgoing, organized, and who loves talking to new people.  

2. Play a School Sport 

If you love sports, this is a great way for you to become involved on campus. You can try out for your college’s sports teams, go out club teams, or participate in intramural or pickup leagues. Not the athletic type? Try joining one of the more low-key organizations that offer games just for fun or participate in some of the fan clubs of your school’s team.  

3. Write for the School Newspaper 

Many colleges have newspapers to keep students up-to-date with the news going on on-campus. Anyone who has an interest in journalism, writing, or photography, can join the newspaper. It isn’t major-specific. As a school reporter, you may be asked to write about various different school events. This is a great opportunity to get to know different clubs and organizations that happen around you on campus. You can gain many resume-building and writing skills, and possibly some amazing photography skills.  

4. Become a School Tutor 

Everyone needs help with difficult classes, which is why they end up at the school’s tutoring center. If you have the grades and love to teach this may be a great job or program for you. It allows you to meet different students from all over campus and help them conquer their classes. Some universities may have their tutoring center set up as a job for qualified students. You can make friends with students while making some money for your teaching skills.  

5. Work for Your School’s Career Center 

The student career center is a place for students to get help for everything from resume writing to building interview skills. Many career centers will train you in how to help other students. This means you will gain the skills you need in your professional career while helping others. Also, working there may allow you to get to know many different recruiters in your industry. Recruiters tend to go through the career center for any potential applicant. 

Getting involved on campus isn’t hard, it just takes some time to find your perfect place on campus. Explore the above options and see if any of them would work for you.