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What is Work-Study?


Work-Study Explained

Federal Work-Study Programs have been around for a long time. This program is opened to undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated financial need (the difference in cost of attendance and your Expected Family Contribution). The program is available to both part-time and full-time students, as well as undergraduates, graduate, and professional students. The program places students in various positions both on and off-campus. Many of these positions are focused on students doing jobs in community service or in their intended careers. These positions are usually part-time commitments that should not impede a student’s college schedule. This program is administered by schools participating in the Federal Work-Study Program, and for more information on the setup at your school, please visit your financial aid office.

How to Sign Up for Work-Study?

Signing up for Work-Study is very easy to do! All you have to do is:

  1. Fill out your annual FAFSA application.
  2. Check that you are interested in applying.
  3. You’re done!
  4. Visit your school’s financial aid office for more help.

Some Things to Know About Work-Study Are:

Not everyone automatically gets work-study. It depends on when you apply, your financial need, and your school’s funding. This means you may receive the ability to participate in the program for one year but not the next. If you are awarded work-study, you aren’t obligated to accept it. If for some reason you wish to not work for this program, you don’t have to. It is completely voluntary. Being granted work-study funds means that you are eligible for work-study jobs, but it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed a job.

What to Expect from Your Work-Study Position

•    Where will I work?

Work-Study Positions can be on or off-campus. You can be an assistant or a reading partner at an elementary school. There are various different types of jobs you can apply for under federal work-study. Feel free to align it to your college schedule and your interest. Having fun at your job should be your top priority.

•    How much will I get paid?

You will have the ability to earn the amount of money that you were awarded by the government in your financial aid package. Per hour, you should be making at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. You can earn more or less depending on the job you are working. The school has to pay you at least once a month and this comes to you in the form of a paycheck. It will not be credited to your tuition account unless you request the school to do that.

Final Verdict

Working federal work-study jobs can really benefit you in so many ways. Not only will you earn money to help cover your expenses, but you get to experience a job in the area that you may enjoy. You can gain valuable experience for your future career while in school or gain experience to add to your resume.