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4 Reasons to Love Your Campus Library

When I first came back to college after a long hiatus, I quickly realized the library was the safest and smartest place for me to study. Now that I’m a senior and only a few months shy of graduation, I love being at our library just as much as any other place on campus, and sometimes more than being at home. If you haven’t gotten familiar with your library yet, let me remind you of a few reasons it’s worthy of your favorite place on campus.

  1. Obviously, It’s Quiet

Libraries, by nature, are quiet places. They also offer a ton of private, practical workspaces such as tables, computer workstations, individual study rooms, and group study rooms. The enforced quiet offers a ton of great study opportunities and helps many avoid distractions by setting a serious, low-distraction tone.  Doing your work in a library can help you stay motivated and on task when you need to get work accomplished.

  1. Easy Access to Any Materials You May Need

Campus libraries can offer more than a quiet place to study or an opportunity to find a new book to read. One of the most lifesaving things that my library does is carry textbooks for certain classes all semester long. This saved me countless backaches last semester because I was able to leave my 5lb calculus book at home when I would head to the library, and instead check out their copy for the 2 hours I needed it. Our library also has an entire section of children’s books and toys for our education department and countless other critical resources.

  1. Computer Access & Research Experts

It’s nearly impossible to succeed in any class without access to a computer. Fortunately, most libraries have plenty of computers available for students to use as needed. This has saved me many times when I forgot to print a homework assignment, or when I unexpectedly found an extra hour to kill between classes.

The other great thing about your school’s library is that it’s full of research experts! The amazing librarians and researchers who work there can help you to navigate the materials or even give you help with finding information for assignments and projects you’re working on. In many cases they can provide advice on research topics, available sources on the subject, and help you navigate the different locations, both online and in print, where you might find the information you need. Additionally, in some cases, librarians have partnered with instructors to coordinate research guides students can use for certain classes. The people at the library are there to help you succeed and reach your goals, so take advantage of their knowledge!

  1. Libraries are for Relaxing Too

Loving your library doesn’t mean you just have to love it for studying or schoolwork. For as many hours I have spent in my library studying, I have also spent a lot of time spacing out and watching Netflix, shopping, or playing games. Many libraries offer a wide selection of movie rentals, music,  board games, and paperback books to check out for fun. Another plus, if you’re looking for a pick me up, many  campus coffee shops are attached to school libraries for a quick caffeine jolt or bakery treat.

Campus libraries are awesome. They offer a ton of resources and private workspaces for students to use, and of course the best thing to remember is that they’re free to use! Get familiar with your library and see what it has to offer; you won’t regret it.