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We're Here to Help | Melissa Taylor, Kelly Steele, and Laura Payne

We know that having reliable support is vital to creating an impactful learning experience for students whether you're face-to-face, hybrid, or exclusively online. Meet your local MHE team!

Key Account Specialist (KAS)

Melissa Taylor 

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McGraw Hill’s Key Account Specialist oversees our partnership with Liberty and ongoing Online and Residential operations. The Key Account Specialist is responsible for all contracts and business at Higher Education accounts that employ a master course model or centralized content decision-making. The Key Account Specialist also works closely to assist faculty and departments who are adopting new MH technologies.

Melissa Taylor, Key Account Specialist, has been partnering with Liberty University since November 2017 and has been with McGraw Hill since October 2015. Melissa will consult with Liberty University on how best to implement technology into the classroom and will provide an additional layer of support with setup, ongoing modifications, and reporting. Melissa is focused on helping to drive outcomes in each course and improve the student experience. Prior to McGraw Hill, she worked in the financial industry and brings a variety of experiences with technologies, data, and customer support. Melissa graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Virginia and currently resides in Richmond, VA.

What Are Your Concerns?

  • How do I use Digital or how could I be better utilizing it in my course?
  • How would this work in Blackboard or Canvas?
  • I am hearing a common question or problem. Could this be addressed in a resource or process?

Learning Technology Specialist (LTS)

Kelly Steele

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The McGraw Hill Learning Technology Representative (LTR) dedicated to Liberty University provides insight into products and resources that are available for any given course area. The LTR strives to keep faculty and departments up to date on new course resources and/or technology.  The LTR is responsible for building strong relationships with school leadership, professors, faculty, and staff to ensure success in the classroom, whether in-person or virtual.

Kelly Steele, Learning Technology Representative, has been in sales and marketing since she graduated from college. Kelly joined the higher education industry in 2012, where she has developed a passion for education, especially seeing results through digital transformation. Throughout her higher ed career, she has worked with Liberty University in various roles and is thrilled to be working with Liberty again as an LTR! Kelly partners with faculty to ensure they have the best in content and technology, knowledge of trends in the marketplace, and have their voices heard in the direction of new products. Kelly has a BS in Communications from the University of Tennessee and currently resides just outside of Blacksburg, Virginia.

What Are Your Concerns?

  • What content and delivery options are available for my course?
  • What are other institutions doing?
  • Is digital an option for my course?

Sales Support Consultant (SSC)

Laura Payne 

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McGraw Hill Sales Support Consultant serves as a conduit between faculty and members of the Local McGraw Hill Team to ensure holistic support for all McGraw Hill faculty needs. The Sales Support Consultant directly supports faculty by requesting desk copies, providing necessary information for textbook adoption forms, and scheduling meetings with the Key Account Specialist and Learning Technologist Representative. The Sales Support Consultant maintains our on-campus office space and is able to meet faculty and staff on campus in the locations most convenient to them.

Laura Payne, Sales Support Consultant, has partnered with Liberty University since beginning her role with McGraw Hill in September 2018. Prior to becoming the Sales Support Consultant, Laura served for 5 years at Liberty University as an Administrative Assistant and later as an Instructional Designer. She is excited to continue her service to Liberty faculty in this new capacity. Laura is committed to assisting faculty and support staff by connecting them with the McGraw Hill resources they need. Laura received her Masters of Education from Western Governor’s University and resides in the country-side of Amherst County.

What Are Your Concerns?

  • How can I contact my Local McGraw Hill Team or schedule a meeting?
  • How can I request a desk copy?
  • Can you provide me the IBSN or information needed to submit my adoption?
  • Can you help me with my Connect question?