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Some fun facts, about Financial and Intermediate Accounting Author, Wayne Thomas


Learn about our Financial and Intermediate Accounting Author, Wayne Thomas!

  1. I enjoy playing a variety of sports and outdoor activities​

  2. I’m an avid enjoyer of hot sauces (the hotter, the better)​

  3. I can enjoy eating about any food item other than raw onions (yuck!)​

  4. As a child, I was destined to be an NBA star but then fell in love with accounting and opted to be an accounting professor instead​

  5. I’ve probably watched Gladiator way too many times​

  6. My family has a zombie apocalypse plan in place​

  7. I once ate 10 quarter-pound bacon cheeseburgers in a single sitting (after football practice)​

  8. I’ve memorized the Monopoly spaces, costs, rentals, etc. from playing so many times as a kid​

  9. My first and last names reversed are Batman’s father’s name​

  10. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my wife, four kids, their spouses, and one (almost two) grandkids