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Joe Hoyle on Getting the Most from Your Students + A New Webinar

Read a new article from Joe Hoyle:

Joe Hoyle: Teaching - Getting the Most from Your Students: ONE QUESTION BUT TWO ANSWERS 

And check out his latest webinar:

We’re excited to offer an opportunity to hear from Joe Hoyle, one of the coauthors of the market-leading Advanced Accounting textbook, and the inaugural winner of the American Accounting Association’s Cook Prize for undergraduate teaching.

In his 52nd year as a college teacher, Professor Hoyle will:

  • Provide hints on becoming a better accounting teacher
  • Discuss motivating students and helping them to arrive to class better prepared to learn
  • Share techniques to help students go beyond basic memorization to a true understanding of accounting principles and techniques

Professor Hoyle has been an invited speaker on the topic of improving college teaching to faculty and organizations across the country. Join us to hear his advice to both new and experienced teachers on getting the very best from their accounting students.