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The 9TH edition provides the most comprehensive coverage of Data and Analytics to prepare students for the practice of auditing as well as the revised 2024 CPA Exam: 

  • A dedicated module with a comprehensive example of applying Data and Analytics in the audit following the steps in the AICPA Guide to Audit Data Analytics. 

  • Comprehensive, author-created Data and Analytic cases in the chapters on the revenue cycle, acquisition and expenditure cycle, and audits of inventory. 

  • Six additional comprehensive author-created Data and Analytic cases covering purchasing cards, warranty estimates, inventory obsolescence, property and equipment, revenue estimates, and fraud risk assessment.   

  • All data is provided in flexible format to enable instructor implementation in IDEA, Alteryx, Excel or any other relevant software package. 

  • An author-created guide to teaching Data and Analytics in auditing courses, with suggested syllabi, case assignments, and IDEA solutions to all cases. 

  • All Data and Analytics cases come with fully machine gradable options in Connect. 

The 9th edition maintains its leadership in providing the most current coverage of real-world issues in the auditing profession through the following items provided on Connect and in the text: 

  • Auditing Standards Updates, which summarize recently-issued standards by the ASB and PCAOB as well as exposure drafts of proposed standards. 

  • The Updated Classroom, a series of classroom discussion cases revolving around real-world issues that provide students with exposure to business press articles, SEC filings, and other professional material. 

  • The Updated Auditor, a monthly summary of business press and relevant academic research that can be used by instructors to illustrate concepts discussed throughout the text. 

  • Apollo Shoes, a series of audit mini-cases that allows students to perform portions of a mock-audit, thereby illustrating how important auditing concepts learned are implemented in practice.  

  • New to the 9th edition of the text are “PCAOB Inspection Focus” excerpts, which provide examples from actual PCAOB inspection reports for various topics discussed throughout the text. 

  • In addition to these items, the text continues to incorporate relevant, real-world examples as “Auditing Insights” throughout the text.