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Variations of end-of-chapter material


Career readiness

Less is more

Wild is the most direct, concise and systematic text in the market. With a "to-the-point," research-backed approach that incorporates extensive visuals, bullet point discussions, and an active writing style, Wild is the way.

Blocked content

Learning science shows that students learn better when material is broken into “blocks” of content. Each chapter opens with a visual preview of the content blocks and learning objectives highlighting the location of the content.

More than 1,500 videos

The Wild series has more than 1,500 videos in each title aimed to captivate students and improve outcomes. There are three main types of videos: Concept Overview videos, Need-to-Know Demo videos, and Hint (Guided Example) videos.

Data analytics tools

Data analytics and visualization skills are an expected post-graduation skill, and increasingly in demand. Tableau Dashboard Activities allow students to explore seamlessly-integrated Tableau data visualizations to find the relevant accounting information they will need to analyze accounting data. These exercises allow students to check their understanding and apply what they are learning, within the framework of analytics and critical thinking.

Excel tools

In addition to our Data Analytics tools, that eliminates the need to upload or download, we also have extensive Excel assets available within McGraw Hill Connect®.

Integrated Excel is a live seamless, auto-graded experience within Connect with no need for uploading or downloading any additional files or software.

Applying Excel enables students to work select chapter problems or examples in Excel followed by short assessments in Connect to test student comprehension of key Excel skills. Accompanying Excel videos teach students how to use Excel and the primary functions needed to complete each assignment.

Summary Cheat Sheets

At the end of each chapter, Summary Cheat Sheets are provided to reinforce student learning. Cheat Sheets are roughly one page in length and include key procedures, concepts, journal entries, and formulas. These are assignable within Connect.

Flexible Revenue Recognition Coverage

Wild uses the popular gross method for merchandising transactions (net method is covered in an appendix). The gross method:

  1. complies with new revenue recognition rules
  2. is used more in practice
  3. is easier and less costly to apply

Adjusting entries for specialized revenue recognition cases are included in an appendix. Assignments are clearly marked and separated. This approach is fully GAAP compliant.

Keeping it real

Research shows that students learn best when using current data from real companies. Wild uses the most current data from real companies for assignments, examples, and analysis in the text. Accounting Analysis Assignments have students evaluate the most current financial statements from Apple, Google, and Samsung.

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