Bodie: Investments, 11th edition

The integrated solutions for Bodie, Kane, and Marcus' Investments set the standard for graduate/MBA investments textbooks. The unifying theme is that security markets are nearly efficient, meaning that most securities are priced appropriately given their risk and return attributes. The content places greater emphasis on asset allocation and offers a much broader and deeper treatment of futures, options, and other derivative security markets than most investment texts.
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ISBNS: 1259277178 / 9781259277177
Publication Date: 5/30/17

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The following is a guide to changes in the Eleventh Edition. This is not an exhaustive road map, but instead is meant to provide an overview of substantial additions and changes to coverage from the last edition of the text.

Chapter 1 The Investment Environment
This chapter contains additional discussions of corporate governance, particularly activist investors and corporate control.

Chapter 3 How Securities Are Traded
We have updated this chapter and included new material on trading venues such as dark pools.

Chapter 5 Risk, Return, and the Historical Record
This chapter has been updated and substantially streamlined. The material on the probability distribution of security returns has been reworked for greater clarity, and the discussion of long-run risk has been simplified.

Chapter 7 Optimal Risky Portfolios The material on risk sharing, risk pooling, and time diversification has been extensively rewritten with a greater emphasis on intuition.

Table of Contents

PART I Introduction
1 The Investment Environment
2 Asset Classes and Financial Instruments
3 How Securities Are Traded
4 Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies

PART II Portfolio Theory and Practice
5 Risk, Return, and the Historical Record
6 Capital Allocation to Risky Assets
7 Optimal Risky Portfolios
8 Index Models

PART III Equilibrium in Capital Markets
9 The Capital Asset Pricing Model
10 Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Multifactor Models of Risk and Return
11 The Efficient Market Hypothesis
12 Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis
13 Empirical Evidence on Security Returns

PART IV Fixed-Income Securities
14 Bond Prices and Yields
15 The Term Structure of Interest Rates
16 Managing Bond Portfolios

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