Cozby: Methods in Behavioral Research, 13th edition

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ISBNS: 1259676986 / 9781259676987
Publication Date: 10/03/17

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The thirteenth edition of Methods in Behavioral Research includes dozens of new references and updates. Here is a list of major changes as they appear by chapter.

Chapter 1

  • Updated introduction on importance or understanding research. 
  • Updated Figure 1.2 uses replaces television watching example with playing violent video games. 
  • Updated illustrative article.

Chapter 2

  • New opening section on exploring past research. 
  • New example of “transition” paragraph in a research paper. 
  • New discussion of the importance of literature reviews and how they compare with meta-analysis. 
  • New discussion about why it can be difficult to evaluate the quality of a source in today’s information gathering.

Chapter 3

  • Refined discussion and new photo of the Milgram Experiment. 
  • Updated discussion on the preamble to the APA ethics code. 
  • New discussion on privacy and the ethical responsibility of researchers. 
  • New discussion of federal regulations of IRBs, especially what is meant by systematic and generalizable knowledge.

Chapter 4

  • Clarified the definition of construct validity.

Table of Contents

Importance of Research Methods 2
Ways of Knowing 4
Goals of Behavioral Science 8
Basic and Applied Research 12
Study Terms 18
Review Questions 18
Activities 18
Answers 19

Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Predictions 21
Sources of Ideas 22
Types of Research Reports 28
Exploring Past Research 35
Study Terms 44
Review Questions 44
Answers 44

Sample Chapter

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