Messersmith: Intermediate Algebra with P.O.W.E.R. Learning, 2nd edition

The Developmental Math with P.O.W.E.R. Learning series by Sherri Messersmith, Nathalie M. Vega-Rhodes, and Robert S. Feldman represents a best-of-all-worlds approach to mathematics education for college and university students at the developmental level. Now in its 2nd edition, this series spans the full sequence of Prealgebra through Intermediate Algebra, combining rigorous mathematical content developed and refined through years of classroom experience with a research-based framework designed to foster the ongoing development of students’ study skills and habits—a program that not only puts students on a path to mastering content in their current courses, but also sets them up for longer-term academic and professional success. A new package of digital resources available to users of the 2nd edition, carefully built to align with the content in all print materials, further ensures that student achievement will occur at a high level in every classroom setting.

ISBNS: 1259610241 / 9781259610240
Publication Date: 11/07/17

Features List

Written with students and instructors in mind, you will find the following features throughout our developmental math series:

  • Approximately 1,000 new algorithmic exercises total have been developed within ConnectMath Hosted by ALEKS (CHBA) across the Prealgebra, Introductory Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra disciplines that are included in the new 2ndedition books in the series.
  • Nearly 800 new online lecture videos have been made for the eBooks in both ConnectMath Hosted by ALEKS and ALEKS across all 3 new titles, all of which are created and narrated by the authors themselves. These videos cover all Learning Objectives in the main print books and eBooks.

  • A brand new print supplement for all 3 new titles, the Integrated & Video Study Guide Workbook, has been designed to be used in conjunction with the new online lecture videos described above, with a separate video guide for each new video. There will be practice exercises from these video guides assignable within the picker in ConnectMath Hosted by ALEKS.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 2: Linear Equations in One Variable
Chapter 3: Linear Inequalities and Absolute Value
Chapter 4: Linear Equations in Two Variables and Functions
Chapter 5: Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Chapter 6: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions
Chapter 7: Factoring Polynomials

Chapter 8: Rational Expressions, Equations, and Functions
Chapter 9: Radicals and Rational Exponents
Chapter 10: Quadratic Equations and Functions
Chapter 11: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 12: Nonlinear Functions, Conic Sections, and Nonlinear Systems
Chapter 13 (Online): Sequences and Series

Instructor resources

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Digital resources


Available within Connect, SmartBook actively tailors content to the individual student- The more a student interacts with SmartBook, the better it gets to know what they know and what they don’t know, helping students to maximize study time. By providing students with a safe place to make mistakes, showing them the areas they need to work on most, and by giving them consistent, personalized feedback at the exact moment they need it, SmartBook helps them to bridge their knowledge gaps and come to class prepared.

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