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Drive engagement in sociology with resources that encourage effective learning. Scroll down for more.


Drive engagement in sociology with resources that encourage effective learning. Scroll down for more.


Drive engagement in sociology with resources that encourage effective learning. Scroll down for more.


Drive engagement in sociology with resources that encourage effective learning. Scroll down for more.

Connect Sociology

Connect Sociology provides a flexible, highly-interactive learning environment designed to connect students to the tools and resources they need to achieve success in their Introductory Sociology course. With a rich library of assignable and assessable content, Connect Sociology makes managing assignments easier for instructors and studying more motivating and efficient for students. Connect Sociology features include:

Connect Sociology Features

Connect Overview

Connect strengthens the link between faculty, students and coursework. Watch to learn more.

In Their Shoes

This decision tree activity illuminates the effect of social forces on the life of an individual. The activity put students in the “shoes” of a character in crisis. Using data and background information, students learn how decisions in everyday life affect people in different socioeconomic positions.


Applying the Perspectives

This critical thinking activity presents students with current events and real-life issues, and challenges them to align the correct sociological theory with the appropriate perspective. The interactive activity helps them start to distinguish, for example, a Functionalist Perspective from the Conflict or Interactionist Perspectives, by identifying common themes.


Investigate Sociology

An engaging and interactive online activity, Investigate Sociology places students in realistic simulations and engages them in provocative Sociology topics to develop their sociological imagination.


Concept Clips

Concept Clips are dynamic videos to help students break down key concepts and difficult themes in Sociology. They are assignable and accessible!


As students read and learn, SmartBook assesses their comprehension of the material and actively adapts, guiding them to learn the most difficult concepts. Proven to help students raise grades, SmartBook encourages mastery and long-term retention.

Connect Insight

The first and only analytics tool of its kind, Connect Insight offers visual displays that provide at-a-glance, easy-to-decipher data on how your students are performing. Track performance across your entire section, or easily drill into data insights into an individual student, a particular assignment, or a specific class.

Connect Reporting

Connect Sociology keeps instructors informed about how each student, section, and class is performing, allowing for more productive use of lecture and office hours. Instructors have the ability to assess and analyze students’ progress on assignments throughout the term, seamlessly and with ease.

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McGraw-Hill Tegrity™ Lecture Capture records and distributes lectures with just a click of a button. Students view lectures anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet, or mobile device. It indexes as it records your presentations and assets displayed on your computer during lecture. Additionally, students can use keywords to find exactly what they need to study.


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