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Exceptional Students: Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century

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PART ONE Special Education: Fundamentals and Processes

Chapter 1 An Overview of Special Education

Chapter 2 The Special Education Process: From Initial

Chapter 3 School, Family, and Community Collaboration What Is Collaboration?

PART TWO IDEA High-Prevalence Exceptionalities: Foundations and Instruction

Chapter 4 Students with Learning Disabilities

Chapter 5 Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Chapter 6 Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders

Chapter 7 Students with Communication Disorders

PART THREE IDEA Low-Incidence Exceptionalities:Foundations and Instruction

Chapter 8 Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Chapter 9 Students with Blindness or Low Vision

Chapter 10 Students with Physical or Health Disabilities

Chapter 11 Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Chapter 12 Students with Severe Disabilities

PART FOUR Other Exceptionalities: Foundations and Instruction

Chapter 13 Students Who Are at Risk:Early Identification and Intervention

Chapter 14 Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Chapter 15 Students Who Are Gifted and Talented


TEXT APPENDIX: Sample Individualized Education Plan

ONLINE APPENDIX: Lesson Plans, Classroom Suggestions, and Instructional Resources