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Surviving Under Pressure

It’s inevitable. There is going to be that one class in your college career that has the worst reputation on campus. Whether it's organic chemistry, calculus, physics, anatomy, or accounting, there are those classes known to make students miserable.

What’s even worse are the grades from those harder classes determine whether you get into med school, or accepted into programs at your college. The pressure to perform can be quite stressful!

As a sophomore who has experienced quite a few hard classes, here are my tips to make those classes a little less miserable, more manageable, and college smarter not harder.

  1. Start the semester off with an open and positive mindset

So maybe the class hasn’t been said to be the easiest, but telling yourself off the bat that you are going to fail, or perform poorly is not going to help either. Start the class off with a positive and open mindset. What’s hard or challenging for one person may be a lot easier for you to understand. Take what other students have said about the class with a ‘grain of salt,’ and see for yourself if the course is as challenging as it is said to be.

  1. Think about the future

Although it sounds cliché, reviewing class materials well in advance is very beneficial for your learning. Spending 30 minutes each night reviewing, or completing SmartBook Recharge can be very helpful in retaining information. Also, be sure to take note of important quiz and exam dates on the syllabus and make note of the dates, as tests will be there before you know it.

  1. Find a study system that works for YOU

Having a study system and schedule can be helpful when it comes to hard classes. Find a method that makes studying easy for you. A lot of students use flashcards, retype their notes, or rewrite their notes to study.

  1. Use your resources wisely

College professors want you to succeed. They are there to help and answer questions you have. Be sure to make note of their office hours or send an email if there is something you are confused about. Colleges are also great at offering free tutoring and academic resources for students. Be sure to take advantage of all the help you can get, as it makes learning a lot easier.

Yes, hard classes can be a pain, but a lot of students before you have made it through the term, so you can too. You’ve got this!