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Prep, Pack, Play! Your Spring Break Plan

There are only so many times you have Spring Break in your life, so make sure you make the most of it, before and after. There is a list and article for every strategy to make packing easier and lighter, and your travels safer. Coming back to reality will be the worst, so you need to make the best plan to set yourself up for success. But how do you pack for success? There are two kinds of Spring Break success: Group Success and Self-Success.

If you’re not traveling as a group, make sure everyone has each other’s information. Make a shared travel doc with your friends. On that doc, have travel itineraries, and emergency contact information for each person. Find an outfit board to help you pack efficiently; bring the basics and accent pieces you can mix and match into different outfits. If you and your friends are really organized, plan it out so you can each pick a color scheme to have more combinations! But before you leave, talk with your friends about what everyone wants to do: make sure you have both exciting excursions and some lounge time planned.

Self-care is important on your Spring Break adventures. Make sure you get a little bit of that Vitamin D, but enough adrenaline to reinvigorate yourself! Self-Care can’t always be sunshine and coconuts. Check your syllabus a week before you leave. Ask yourself a few questions: Is there anything easy I can knock out before leaving? If you were unlucky and received a reading assignment to complete over the break, consider downloading chapters on your ReadAnywhere mobile App. It’s free to download and uses the same login as your Connect course. Once you load the chapters into the app, you can use to study anywhere/anytime without eating up your data! Use the App and knock out those chapters when traveling to and from your destination. To learn more about the ReadAnywhere mobile App visit:

Before leaving, make a Post-Spring Break to-do list. It will help you re-focus yourself when you get back, and you’ll be less frazzled that you forgot something.

When you’re back to reality, finish that Post-Spring Break to-do list and go in to Connect to use the SmartBook Recharge feature. You’ll be on top of your game when you answer all the questions in class!

Aside from ReadAnywhere, every Spring-Break Prep article will tell you the same thing: wear sunscreen. Looking like a leather baseball mitt is neither healthy nor attractive; and it’s incredibly painful to boot! Set yourself up for success. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water!