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Thumbnail image of Amy Jamieson, MS, PES, CPT, AASDN

Amy Jamieson, MS, PES, CPT, AASDN

Amy Jamieson MS, CPT, PES, Certified Nutritionist AASDN Santa Barbara, CA Amy Jamieson is the Department Chair and faculty member at UC Santa Barbara in the department of Exercise and Sports Studies. She has over 20years experience in the wellness and fitness industry and spends most of her time working as a lecturer and educator. Amy holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Health Science with an emphasis in performance enhancement and injury prevention. In addition, she is a certified Nutritionist through the AASDN and serves as the MyPlate Ambassador at UC Santa Barbara. Amy is the chair of the ESS Wellness Committee, responsible for creating and implementing student wellness-based programs and resources including the upgraded Wellness and Fitness Institute designed to provide a platform for academic learning and student wellness education. Amy’s enthusiasm in the field of fitness and wellness encompasses experience in nutrition, pre/post-natal fitness, youth fitness, senior fitness, post-rehab training, sports specific training, posture, alignment, and stabilization training as well as general fitness and health. Her broad education and experience in the field provides students with numerous fieldwork and hands-on internships in the field of health, wellness, and fitness.