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Thumbnail image of Monica Radu, Associate Professor Southeast Missouri State University

Monica Radu, Associate Professor Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. Monica Radu is an Associate Professor at Southeast Missouri State University in the Department of Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology. Specializing in the critical examination of social inequality, Dr. Radu teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. Her instructional focus encompasses key sociological topics such as work and family conflict, social stratification and inequality, racial and ethnic relations, social problems, and deviant social behavior. Beyond traditional pedagogy, Dr. Radu is committed to fostering conducive learning environments. She has delivered presentations emphasizing critical reflection for enhanced student engagement, empowerment strategies for parenting scholars, and flexible, empathetic support tailored to non-traditional students. In the realm of research, Dr. Radu investigates various facets of social issues, with a particular emphasis on bullying, intimate partner violence, work-family conflict, and the dynamics of crowdfunding. Her recent scholarly contribution includes co-editing a book titled Race, Racism, and Inequality in the Digital Age, which examines the complex interplay of these societal elements.