Learning Science Platforms

Unlock performance by driving learning mastery and measurable results through a powerful data layer

As the global leader in adaptive learning, McGraw-Hill Learning Science Platforms transform your content into dynamically personalized learning experiences. Every course built on the platforms creates a data layer that powers not only adaptive learning but also tailored instruction and agile authoring.

What if learning could delight and engage while producing mastery and measurable outcomes?

Imagine a learning platform so powerful that every swipe, click, moment of hesitation or surge of confidence you experience informs what you see next and leads you toward mastery of the concepts needed to achieve your goals. Imagine that the content adapts in real-time to your activity, adjusting moment by moment to your performance and interest level, ensuring that you achieve true knowledge and deep understanding that serves you long after you acquire your badge or print your completion certificate.


McGraw-Hill has made this vision of learner-centered education a reality

In addition to adaptive learning, the data layer produced by learner interaction with content provides penetrating insight into the learning process for every stakeholder.

Imagine the possibilities

From accounting to marketing, sales training to public speaking, our adaptive courses harness the power of technology and the rigor of science to deliver better outcomes. Theories concerning focus, memory, metacognition, and engagement are embedded in the algorithms that power the personalized paths taken by every learner.

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Deliver benefits to every stakeholder

Inspire learners

Learners receive the right content at the right time, maximizing learning efficiency, effectiveness, engagement and retention.

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Empower instructors

Instructors grasp class dynamics through real-time analytics and know exactly what their learners are struggling with, so they can quickly adapt instruction.

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Engage authors

Authors understand what content works and doesn’t work, so they can continually refine courses.

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Experience best-in-class service and implementation

Whether you are looking to build a course from scratch or translate an existing course into an adaptive experience, we can help you fulfill your goals.

Interested in digital learning or data-driven learning but not exactly sure how adaptivity would work for your needs? Have a clear vision but looking for best-in-class instructional design expertise? Not sure if you want to go digital but want to be able to measure learning and its impact on your organization?

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Exploration & Design

  • System capabilities and pedagogy

  • Design/content configuration

  • Work planning & road-mapping

  • Prototyping

  • Measures of success discussion

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Project Management

  • Roadmap/timeline

  • Team structure

  • Workflow management

  • McGraw-Hill manages evalution process

  • Access to McGraw-Hill authors and project managers

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  • Webchat and direct phone access

  • McGraw-Hill training docs

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Regular feedback

  • Access to McGraw-Hill ID team

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  • Learner tool demo

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  • Data tools demo

  • Authoring sessions

  • Collaborative feedback

  • Best practices